To our candidates

Dear candidates,

Making plans for the months to come may seem impossible, even pointless, in view of the pandemic hitting our world. But, judging from the number of applications, e-mails and questions we receive from you every day, you don’t give up! And neither do we!

We share the same uncertainties, we face the same unknowns, however, we are planning ahead for the next academic year and we are trying to re-invent a Master’s degree that will be welcoming and relevant with your projects and your eagerness to learn and evolve, whatever the conditions are in September.

So, we are working on several scenarios:

  • a blended master’s degree, flexible and adaptative to various personal situations;
  • a distance master's degree during the first semester (for international students, or for all students);
  • a distance master's degree throughout all next academic year;
  • in any case, a master's degree that would engage the students in international research projects on the pandemic and on all its consequences, by relying on CRI's network of innovation communities around the world.

We would be grateful if you could share with us your thoughts and ideas on this project; feel also free to write to us about your uncertainties and personal situation with regard to your application to the master, we will answer to every one of you!’’


Each year we welcome about 120 participants in the program!

Students are coming from all over the world and from very different backgrounds (Educational Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Economy, Design, Medicine, Humanities, Biology, Cognitive Sciences, etc.). This diversity is an exceptional opportunity for students to discover the power and efficiency of collaborative and mutual teaching and learning.

The selection is based on proven interest in interdisciplinarity, your motivation and previous record, as well as an interview with our pedagogical team. If you are not sure whether you are eligible for either M1 or M2, please send us an email that includes your resume.

You can apply to the first or second year of the Master program, depending on your last academic degree or past professional career.

  • Master 1: Students with a Bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • Master 2: Students who successfully graduated from the 1st year of a Master degree or equivalent.

Foreign students are advised to contact us to review their eligibility, and to check Campus France website for related information.

Lifelong Education and Apprenticeship

Our program is open to lifelong education for all (professionals, teachers, vocational retraining, etc...) and apprenticeship (through CFA Afia). We advise you to contact us in order to prepare your project in the Master.

Applications for year 2020-2021 are now closed

Application form and documents needed

There are few steps to follow before becoming a AIRE Master student. You must fill in the application form accordingly to the curicculum you want to follow: LIFE SCIENCES, LEARNING SCIENCES, and DIGITAL SCIENCES.

The form requires some preparation and specific pieces of information, make sure you have everything that is needed. If you do not have these documents yet, please note that you can still apply. They will be required as soon as you have them:

  • Your resume (or curriculum vitae) up-to-date
  • Contact info of TWO referees willing to provide letters of recommendation(filling a form send via email by Master AIRE Office)
  • ID photo
  • A copy of your identity document (passport, identity card ...)
  • A copy of your last diploma
  • A copy of your grade transcripts

After completing the form, a link will be given to you in order to modify your answers, so be sure to copy it. Please note that only fully filled applications will be reviewed by the jury.

Two weeks after the application period closes, selected candidates will receive an invitation by the end of May for an interview that will take place online by the beginning of June.

If you are selected, you will receive an authorization to register as a student of Université de Paris. The administrative registration is personal and under appointment, typically in September.

  • February 7th to May 4th: online application
  • After 4th May: applications for limited places available
  • Throughout May: invitation for interviews with the jury
  • First weeks of June: interviews
  • End of June: final admission results
  • September: start of the year