jean-christophe thalabard
Dean / Doyen LMD
I am a MD, PhD, presently Emeritus Professor at the Medical School, Université de Paris. I initially graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (1969) and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts & Chaussées (1974) with a strong interest in applied mathematics (Master degree in Mathematics and Probability, University Paris 6, 1972). I started studying medicine in 1974 while working as a teaching assistant in Biophysice at Paris Cochin University. I was a resident in reproductive medicine in APHP, Paris, then Chef de Clinique- Assistant in Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine in Necker Hospital. I then became a Senior research scientist at Inserm in 1985 (Pr. D Schwartz, Pr. A Spira) and I joined the laboratory for Neuroendocrinology at UTMSH in Houston (Pr. E. Knobil) for 2 years, where I worked on the neuroendocrine control of the reproductive function in primates, before being appointed professor at the faculty of Medicine in Lyon. I pursued research in neuroendocrinology in the UMR CNRS 1454 in collaboration with the local neuroscience community, in close connection with Prof. Knobil and former lab fellows in UK, Japan and Belgium. I moved back to Paris in 1996 as both a professor at the faculty of medicine, University Paris Descartes and a clinical consultant in reproductive medicine at APHP Paris. Since then, my research interests have concerned the effects of exogenous hormones in women and more particularly cancer and more generally the methodology of clinical research. I have been a member of numerous committees on clinical research and its regulation at Inserm, different health agencies and fundations. I created and headed for 4 years the Clinical Research Unit at Necker Hospital. The methodological aspects of my research is carried out since 2006 in the Laboratory for Applied Mathematics (MAP5), UMR CNRS 8145, where I coordinate interdisciplinary actions in both clinical and epidemiological research projects in close collaboration with several Inserm teams and foreign universities. Since 2004, I have been involved in the coordination of the MD/ PhD program established by Inserm and, since 2006, in the MD/ PhD joint program of Paris Descartes/ Paris Diderot universities. Since 2007, I have been involved in the CRI master- and bachelor programs, eventually becoming in 2018 the dean of the CRI academic program.
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